Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

It is kind of marketing, but using Mobile Phones. It is one of the smartest ways of marketing.

Targeting right audience is the key in Mobile Marketing. Day by day Smartphone are increasing this mobile marking is also inserting with a significant growth.

Mobile Messages are and their types:

1. Short Message Service (SMS)

2. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

3. Bluetooth

4. WAP (Download Games ,Ring tones, Applications)

5. Audio Ads

Short Message Service (SMS)

It is called as text messaging. Sending short messages up to 144 characters

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

Sending messages which include multimedia images, audio, video, rich text. With the increase of Smartphone like iPhone, android these MMS messages are having great demand in future.

In future this growth will extend to video chat with the advanced technologies like 3G.

It is a Rich Media with lot of potential market

In the below ways we can use mobile platform to promote a product or service

• Text Messaging (SMS)

• Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

• Banner ad on mobile browsers

Advantages of using Mobile Marketing

• Instant Delivery and Instant Response: It is an instant delivery sometimes customer will respond in minutes of time.

• Instant rewards: We can provide rewards instantly we can grab the customer attention in no time.

• Latest information sharing: Information sharing is very ease and sometimes it will be viral too.

• We can target right audience at right time

• Special Offers can be announced

How we can implement Mobile Marketing:

• Build the Database: First we need to build the database of the targeted customers.

• Keep it simple: Our promotion, our message should be very simple and direct to the customer.

• Personalize: Personalize the message according to the target user.

• Be relevant: Always send some relevant message to the customer.

• Maintain time: Maintain right time to reach the customer rather than in odd timings.

• Make it viral Message: Send some viral messages rather than ordinary one.

Future Advancements in Mobile Technology and marketing:

• Mobile TV

• Location Based Services

• Mobile Video Streaming

• Mobile payments

Mobile Marketing Process:

• Targeting Right Audience

• Creating a content and Concept for delivery

• Creating a Campaign by doing research on market

• Designing an Application and Building it

• Reporting

Finally by using a perfect mobile strategy

• We can Acquire Customer

• We can engage with Customer

• We can inform to the Customer

• We can connect with Customer

• We can Serve Customer

• We can Retain Customer



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Mobile Monopoly

Mobile Monopoly

Conventionally making money online means using the internet together with desktop or laptop computers. Mobile Monopoly is all about making money from cell phones and the best of all is the fact that it’s claimed any person already involved in the online money making industry already has most of what it takes to get started with making money with mobile technology. It is claimed to be a known fact that most people spent far more time on their mobile phones than sitting in front of a PC whilst still having accessibility to the Web, emails and text messages.

With Mobile Monopoly a person does not need a website (with the added advantage of not getting slapped or saturated), no time consuming keyword research and no SEO like article writing. In fact it is claimed that with millions of people already using mobile phones, far more than PC users, it is simply a matter of tapping into this market and become a mobile marketing expert in almost any niche thinkable. The system also taps into the advertising market that so many small businesses are reliant on in order to attract new customers.

Adam Hopwotz is the master mind behind Mobile Monopoly. Adam claims that a lot of online money making systems uses tricks that gurus use but with the drawback that these methods last for a very short time. According to Adam this is not the case with making money from cell phones. It was only when Adam realized that mobile marketing is not quite the same as regular affiliate marketing that Mobile Monopoly was developed because he tapped in on what people naturally and effortlessly do. Another aspect that this system touches on is the mobile software business that shows how it is possible to create an iPhone app in a very short time without any programming skills. The system claims to work on all phones and in any country and even if a person does not own a smart phone the system can be used using a PC with an internet connection just like conventional marketing.

Download mobile monopoly by Adam Horwitz(Latest Vesrion) ==>>

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China’s 3D Printing Producer Expanding throughout Europe

Zhuhai-CTC-Electronic-Co-Ltd-As 3D printing innovation carries an extensive variety of technologies and also changes to the globe, changing production worldwide, the topic of exactly how it will influence China is interesting as well as well-discussed. As their conventional approaches of production have a worldwide garrison currently, many cost-effective and sector experts in the U.S. anticipate there may be surprising changes on all sides.

Standard manufacturing methods in China might not suffice as the U.S. and others gain self-reliance in production processes as well as are able to produce more production in your area and also bringing a lot of it back the home of remain.

The opposite of the coin is that China is really curious about 3D printing, as well as not far behind us in passion and judgment regarding the incredibly useful modern technology. As they hone their skills, the mix of 3D printing and conventional approaches can be incredibly luring as they have the ability to reduced manufacturing costs even further and also offer better efficiency.


While what improvements and also adjustments will absolutely happen continues to be to be viewed, today China has their views set on Europe. Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd., a leading producer of 3D laser printers in China, has simply revealed the position of a workplace in London as they set down roots in new head office implied to act as the base for the beginning of their development not just in the UK yet throughout Europe.

The office is 4,000 square feet and situated on the southern bank of the Thames Stream.

“The utmost target of establishing a London office is to set up company connections with neighborhood 3D printing solutions companies as well as sellers across Europe. Many Chinese developers simply concentrate on the Chinese market, creating them to stay quite closed-minded as their expertise and also understanding remains limited to their local market. But the fact is that there is broader space for development past the Chinese market,” claimed Zhuhai CTC Electronic PR supervisor Siyi He.

Founded in 2004, Zhuhai CTC Electronic has no worry thinking outside the box when it comes to company as well as growth, which is symbolized simply enough by their transition from 2D to 3D, accepting very modern-day, progressive technology which still has plenty of doubters worldwide.

“China has actually always regarded the American market as the benchmark and also the American 3D producers as the design that Chinese 3D startups must pick up from and also replicate. As the American as well as Chinese markets come to be ever before more much like each other, a 3D printer that has obtained grip and also been successful in America is very specific to be a profitable product or a source of motivation for China’s 3D development as soon as presented to China.

Now, with over 10 years in 3D printing and rapid growth, they are expanding marketing initiatives around the globe, with a research study and also advancement facility in India and logistics stockrooms not simply in Europe and also Australia, however likewise the united state

Do you assume China will continuously broaden with 3D printing greatly, worldwide? How do you believe this will have an effect on the united state hang on 3D printing? Share your ideas with us in the Zhuhai CTC Electronic forum over at 3DPB. com.

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China’s 3D Printing Producer Broadening throughout Europe

Zhuhai-CTC-Electronic-Co-Ltd-As 3D printing technology carries a large variety of innovations and also adjustments to the world, transforming production worldwide, the subject of exactly how it will certainly have an effect on China is fascinating and well-discussed. As their conventional methods of manufacturing have an international garrison currently, lots of affordable as well as industry experts in the U.S. anticipate there could be unusual adjustments on all sides.

Conventional manufacturing techniques in China might not be enough as the U.S. and also others gain freedom in production procedures and also have the ability to develop more manufacturing locally in addition to bringing a lot of it back home to stay.

The opposite of the coin is that China is really curious about 3D printing, and also stone’s throw behind us in ambition and also acumen regarding the incredibly useful innovation. As they hone their skills, the combination of 3D printing as well as conventional techniques could possibly be very attracting as they are able to reduced manufacturing costs also further as well as provide greater performance.


While what improvements as well as modifications will genuinely happen continues to be to be seen, today China has their sights established on Europe. Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd., a leading producer of 3D printers in China, has actually merely announced the position of a workplace in London as they put down roots in brand-new head office indicated to act as the base for the beginning of their development not only in the UK yet throughout Europe.

The office is 4,000 square feet as well as located on the southern financial institution of the Thames River.

“The ultimate goal of establishing a London workplace is to establish company relationships with neighborhood 3D printing services businesses and also retailers throughout Europe. Most Chinese designers just focus on the Chinese market, triggering them to remain very closed-minded as their knowledge and understanding continues to be restricted to their local market. Yet the truth is that there is broader space for development beyond the Chinese market,” said Zhuhai CTC Electronic Public Relations supervisor Siyi He.

Founded in 2004, Zhuhai CTC Electronic has not a problem assuming outside the box when it concerns company as well as growth, which is signified simply enough by their transition from 2D to 3D, welcoming extremely contemporary, modern innovation which still has lots of doubters worldwide.

“China has actually always regarded the American market as the standard as well as the American 3D makers as the model that Chinese 3D startups need to pick up from and emulate. As the American and Chinese markets end up being ever before more much like each other, a 3D laser printer that has acquired traction and achieved success in America is quite specific to be a profitable product or a source of inspiration for China’s 3D advancement as soon as introduced to China.

Now, with over 10 years in 3D printing as well as rapid development, they are broadening marketing efforts worldwide, with a research study and also advancement center in India as well as logistics storehouses not simply in Europe as well as Australia, yet additionally the U.S.

Do you assume China will continuously broaden with 3D printing greatly, worldwide? Exactly how do you think this will affect the united state hang on 3D printing? Share your thoughts with us in the Zhuhai CTC Electronic online forum over at 3DPB. com.

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Marketing Landing Web page Success Idea

Additionally known as the “name press page” or “lead capture page”, you can build your mailing list by channeling every one of your potential clients with the development of a landing page. Not just do you do the job merely as soon as, your website traffic driving initiatives could be focused into just one reliable technique.

The complying with are pointers in creating an effective landing web page that converts visitors right into customers on a very massive percent.

Success Tip 1: Deal a freebie for your visitor’s email address. I very much recommend this method of building your newsletter. You could supply an unique report or an example of your paid item to your site visitor in exchange for their information such as name as well as email address.

Success Tip 2: The landing page should be written professionally. When creating your page, treat it as if you are writing a sales letter. While you are not always making a difficult sale or attempt to get somebody to buy your product upfront, having the ability to lure your visitors to offer their information to you is just as vital as selling.

Success Tip 3: Besides your opt-in form and possibly crucial please notes and also terms, there should not be any other links on your landing page.

Success Idea 4: Rub in the advantages of the giveaway you are supplying more than a mere subscription to your e-newsletter. You should focus most of the attention of the letter on motivating your prospective site visitor to download your complimentary deal. Later, you carefully remind your prospect that she or he has absolutely nothing to pay yet just merely register for your e-newsletter in exchange for the free offer.

As a final pointer and also verdict, in order to develop depend on, you can include your hand-written signature or a photo of yourself clarifying where you are originating from and also how you could help your site visitor with your free report available.

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Cloud Computing ? The Way to Do it in the Age of Technology

Cloud Computing ? The Way to Do it in the Age of Technology

Cloud computing has been there for long back. What has changed about it is the way it got modified with advancement in technology. We often use cloud computing while using platforms like Gmail and Hotmail, even without knowing it. Genuinely, Cloud Computing means a remote server that is accessed through the internet which helps in business applications and functionality add-ins along with the usage of computer software.
The cloud of services and applications in the internet modem is available from the computer. Cloud computing, through server consolidation, helps in logging in to the computer applications you desire. The business details saved in a virtual server helps in sharing huge amounts of data between various business offices. It is a Web-based application which can be used easily by any person who is traveling without having facilities and servers to connect back to the office through any kind of virtual private network (VPN). Thus it can cease your frustration by saving a lot of your time. “The Cloud computing” also is an amazing software that saves a lot of money for you.

How is cloud computing advantageous:

With cloud computing, your business or company gains access to scalable and virtualized resources that are delivered in real time. You can store all upgrades, applications and data by using alternate servers. Cloud computing:
Is less chaotic:

Thankfully, you don’t need so many versions for applications serviced through cloud computing. You don’t require highly frequent updates as they are managed by data centers. Often, businesses experience problems with software because they are not designed to be used with similar applications. Departments cannot share data because they use different applications. Cloud computing is known for enabling users to integrate various types of applications. This includes management systems, word processors and e-mail.

Saves time:

If you rely on software programs for management needs, new programs might take time to operate at functional levels. You can, however, ignore all the hassles by choosing to go with cloud computing. You simply need access to a computer with Internet to view the information you need.

Enables maximum utilization:

Normally, we don’t fully utilize the capacity of individual personal computers. They lie inert and useless for hours. However, you can consolidate energy by pooling resources into a cloud. This is how you save time and money and besides, increase the life span of your computer.
Provides mobilization:

Cloud computing provides your desired services wherever in world you want them. This system takes users to the world of wireless devices wherein they can conduct sales on the phone and keep track of leads as well. Cloud computing has, doubtlessly, taken sales productivity to an utterly new level.

The author of this article, Nishant Dharma is an expert online marketer and consultant. He deals with everything associated with technology and online business world and Cloud Computing topics. In this article he provides valuable insight into different innovations coming up in online marketing world. Nishant shares his knowledge and experience with his readers through his write ups.

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The Benefits of Cloud Server Technology over Traditional Server Hosting

The Benefits of Cloud Server Technology over Traditional Server Hosting

To many, the cloud server is the “next big thing” in networking. The concept is simple, and now that there are hosting companies dedicated to cloud server hosting, the possibilities for the use of cloud servers for business and individuals alike, begins to really shine through. These technologies are truly innovative, as they give you the ability to “virtualize” a lot of the things you now do using only the resources of your computer, or you limited network. With cloud servers, the ability to add more resources, or to use virtual resources if your physical resources aren’t enough to cut it, makes this an incredibly attractive networking and server solution for many.

If you subscribe to cloud server hosting, you are likely to save money, overall, on the costs of your networking needs. As there is far less physical hardware involved in a cloud server, and all of the functionality is applied and handled remotely, these services are often less expensive than other alternatives in the server and networking marketplace. In the India, cloud servers are available from a huge host of different companies, giving you freedom of choice, and the ability to “get on the cloud”, even if you yourself only have one computer.

Many businesses, for a long time, feared about the safety and security of cloud servers, but technology has advanced to a point where a cloud server host can truly offer you the same, or higher, level of security as any other type of server option. The ability to handle your programs and daily applications, in a virtual environment, and even have the ability to automate it, thus saving you valuable time, is just one of the many benefits that cloud server technology has to offer the average online business. With secure and private clouds that offer almost endless resources, cloud servers are easily taking the server market by storm, as they prove the worthiness of the claims made by the proponents of this technology.

Without the need for tons of different hardware solutions, but the same, if not better, functionality and available add-ons to optimize your server to be tailored to your businesses specific needs, has started to draw many away from the dedicated server and begin the transition to the cloud server. Once using this simple technology, that doesn’t require one to be an advanced IT expert to use, those who have chosen cloud server technology are, by and large, sold, never looking back on their decision to make the switch.

More and more places are starting to realize the benefits – both in terms of cost, and capabilities as well – of using virtual solutions for our server and networking needs.

The use of a cloud server, in India, or elsewhere, is a great way to save a bit on your hosting costs, and also be on the cutting edge of the technology that many say is the future of networking. With the ability to provide high quality, secure, and affordable service, cloud server hosting companies make a great alternative to traditional dedicated server hosting. You will have access to all the features that make the dedicated server such a popular choice, without the cost, and still have the ability to stay ahead of the curve and be part of the wave of the future.

Pooja Chopra has been associated with Spectranet, the leading Indian Data Center India provider, from last few years. Pooja loves to share her insights and expertise with readers and address clients’ concerns. Pooja enlightens the customers about the wide array of Spectranet services such as Virtual Private Server, Shared Server and Dedicated Server India to help them benefit and their businesses grow.

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